Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun on the Fourth

I know this is a little late, but I thought I would share my wonderful holiday with you. Since my Flagstaff daughter went to Florida this week, she graciously lent us the use of her apartment in one of my favorite places, Flagstaff! The weather couldn't have been better, the skies were a clear blue without a hint of cloudiness, and a gentle wind caressed me as we hiked along the Kachina Trail near Snowbowl. There was a tinge of smoke in the air, as the fires of the past few weeks smoldered, though they were contained. The town was not very crowded, fewer people than last year. I think it might have been due to the fires.
We took the dogs, Jewly and her grandnephew Buddha. Both of them appreciated the break from the heat, and had plenty of energy to walk around town with us, and beg shamelessly if somebody wanted to pet them. Buddha is not crazy about being on a short leash, but it's better than a lawsuit if somebody were to trip over him. Jewly just sniffed her way around, like always.
This little trip was a welcome respite from a week in the heat of Phoenix. Summer is my least favorite time here, and this past week had been challenging. Someone broke into my car and made a real mess while I was at the vet with Jewly, who has been sick from the stress of moving. The culprit smashed my window in broad daylight! The glass company promised to fix my window by early afternoon, but never showed up until 5PM. By that time I was more than a little peeved, and unfortunately took out my anger on the poor guy who was only trying to help.
Once I stepped back from the situation, I realized what a creep I was. It wasn't the repairman's fault my window had been shattered, nor was it his fault my dog was sick. I think I lashed out at the first person unlucky enough to be in close proximity to me.
Note to self: "listen before you speak, think before you act."