Friday, July 24, 2009

Small town living

Is all I thought it would be. I love the sense of community, the comraderie, and the pride of a small town. This is not my first experience, I lived in a small place in Florida for a while, and I find that many of the perks are still the same.
I had the opportunity to go to Heritage Square tonight for the Friday night movie. A projector is set up, people bring lawn chairs, blankets, coolers and kids for a summer-time free movie. It's a great way to meet local people and strike up a conversation. Usually there is another form of entertainment while waiting for the sun to set. Last week it was The Wicked Tinkers, (from an earlier post). This week it was the local dance studio showcasing the folk dances of Mexico.
All the dancers, but especially the children, wore their finest costumes and put on the best show of the evening. There is something special about children getting a chance to showcase their talents on stage, and the music provided was upbeat and happy.
I think that encouraging our kids to enjoy the arts, dancing, singing, music and fine arts, benefits everybody. The children our happy and proud of their accomplishments, and the adults are able to enjoy the efforts of the children and feel pride for them as well. A wonderful way to end the week and start the weekend on a positive note for all.

Sometimes goals

which we set for ourselves need to be adjusted. I think we need to listen to our inner "mom" more often, because, if we did, accidents could be avoided. At least, that's what I told myself Thursday as I set out to ride my bike to Snowbowl. It was a beautiful day, and the clouds had not yet gathered for the afternoon showers.
When I moved here for the summer, I promised myself I would get some kind of activity every day that I was not working, and I have been fairly religious about it. But, when I woke up Thursday, I had an awful headache, and was a little out of sorts, so I had my morning 'joe and decided it would be a good day to attempt to ride to Snowbowl.
Halfway up the street, I noticed my tire was a little low, so I stopped at a bike shop (which, by the way was going out of business), and found they had no compressor, therefore, no air! He directed me to a service station and I was able to fill the tire and continue on.
The bike path was wide, the wind at my back, and I was enjoying the ride-for about 15 minutes. The bike path ended, and the road beckoned. The shoulder, however, is not very wide in that area, and is "gravelly". And (don't tell Bob), I did not have my helmet. WWMS? Or What Would Mom Say?-Turn around, so, I did.
Biking sure is a lot more fun when going downhill!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The only thing constant

Is change. I was reminded of that today when I saw this tree, with names and initials and dates carved into it. It seems to me that people are always trying to capture a moment in eternity, yet at that very moment life is changing. I wonder how many of these couples who so desperately wanted the world to know about their love eternal are still together.
I can almost understand the need to immortalize something, be it a relationship, event or a person Sometimes a name is carved into a tree, often a name is tattooed on an arm, or an ad taken out in a newspaper. I can't say I haven't tried to do the same thing. I remember writing a boy's name over and over in my notebook when I was younger, trying to hold on to the image of our eternal love.
Yet, even as I was writing it, things were changing. And, even as these names are carved into the tree, the tree is trying to heal, bark is growing over the injury, and the names are shifting, both figuratively and actually.
I think it's all about the process. Change, growth, more change. Learning to live with the constant of change, expecting change, accepting change. Only then will you inhabit your comfort zone.
In the spirit of change, I took some photos of the mountain today as the storms set in. There are too many photos to post here, but you can see them on my Facebook page.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

All weekends

should be like this one. What a great time! My husband came up for the weekend which was filled with activities. Friday night was Celtic music night at Heritage Square in Flagstaff, and much to my surprise, one of my favorite groups, and the headliner for the weekend, the Wicked Tinkers, played a short set. If you have never had the opportunity to watch this great tribal Celtic musical group perform, you are definitely missing out on a great time. The energy in the crowd was palpable, from the kids to the seniors. Everybody was clapping and yelling and dancing and truly enjoying a beautiful evening in the square. Talk about warming up the crowd! Incredible!

Saturday was a great day on the Kachina Trail. The weather, though slightly toasty by Flagstaff standards, was still beautiful, and the trail meanders through the beautiful Ponderosa Pine Forest near Snowbowl. It is so peaceful, clean, green and refreshing up there. A good place to restore your soul. The hike is not so difficult that it leaves you breathless, but it is challenging enough to know you got a workout. After hiking with friends, we joined others for a BBQ in the enchanted land of Sedona. Beautiful day, delicious food, good friends and conversation. What else could anybody ask for?

The Wicked Tinkers! That's what! Sunday we all went to the Celtic Festival in Flagstaff to watch the Tinkers play and laugh and drink and whirl and do the same ourselves. Happy wonderful music, laughter, good Guiness and good company. The festival certainly did not disappoint. Afterwards, a swim and a BBQ once again to complete a great weekend.

It was sad to say goodbye to my husband and daughters before they headed down the mountain. However, it was also a good time to reflect on the simple joys of family, friendship, music and laughter. How absolutely full I felt as I fell into bed on Sunday, feeling as though I was the happiest soul on the planet. I wish this happiness for each and every one of you.