Monday, September 22, 2014

Goodbye Sweet Friend

I know this blog is really a hit or miss recording of emotions and events, and I use it as such.  Today's post is a tribute to Jewly.  We said "Goodbye" on Friday, 9/19/14.  

Jewly came to us nearly 15 years ago.  She arrived frightened, unsure and wary of this new family. Over time, she came to accept us, but was never a cuddler, kisser or lap dog.  Instead she was a silent witness to our day to day lives, her inclusion was natural and complete, yet she stood off to the sidelines most of the time.  She was not terribly affectionate, yet loved to have her ears, neck and belly rubbed, and was very vocal in her enjoyment.  Jewly appeared confused most of the time, earning her the nickname LSD (Little Stupid Dog), said only with love.  I think she was more cat than dog, 

One of her favorite things to do was chase cats.  I don't know what she would have done had she caught one, but was fun to watch.  She also liked to sit or lay in the driveway and watch the world go by.  And sniff. And sniff. And sniff.  Jewly's nose rivaled any hound around.  It was hard to walk her for all of the sniffing she did.  I'm surprised she had any skin left on it, as we would have to pull her along if she found something she liked.  And she usually did, kitty crunchers are plentiful here.  

When she was younger she could run around the yard, up and down the stairs, and loved to find her way out from under a blanket.  Always leading with her nose.  Peanut butter was her favorite treat, she could smell it from outside.  She was a master at "Begging for Biscuits". 

The past few years were hard on her.  We moved a few times, and Jewly did not like change.  Her shoulders and hips started giving out, and she didn't enjoy her walks, and then her food.  Her beautiful brown eyes got cloudy, and she couldn't hear the refrigerator open. I'm sure you can guess the rest.  

Jewly, I will miss all of this and more.  Thank you for teaching me how to be a better human.