Friday, July 24, 2009

Sometimes goals

which we set for ourselves need to be adjusted. I think we need to listen to our inner "mom" more often, because, if we did, accidents could be avoided. At least, that's what I told myself Thursday as I set out to ride my bike to Snowbowl. It was a beautiful day, and the clouds had not yet gathered for the afternoon showers.
When I moved here for the summer, I promised myself I would get some kind of activity every day that I was not working, and I have been fairly religious about it. But, when I woke up Thursday, I had an awful headache, and was a little out of sorts, so I had my morning 'joe and decided it would be a good day to attempt to ride to Snowbowl.
Halfway up the street, I noticed my tire was a little low, so I stopped at a bike shop (which, by the way was going out of business), and found they had no compressor, therefore, no air! He directed me to a service station and I was able to fill the tire and continue on.
The bike path was wide, the wind at my back, and I was enjoying the ride-for about 15 minutes. The bike path ended, and the road beckoned. The shoulder, however, is not very wide in that area, and is "gravelly". And (don't tell Bob), I did not have my helmet. WWMS? Or What Would Mom Say?-Turn around, so, I did.
Biking sure is a lot more fun when going downhill!

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