Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday is Music Night

at Heritage Square, and I had the good fortune to attend tonight, despite a little rain and chill in the air (actually, I was hoping to save the goosebumps for my return to Phoenix). The performers were Chuck Cheesman and Matthew Henry Hall, and the music was a mix of acoustic, folk and blues.
Both of these talented musicians write and perform much of their own music, and it is worth the time to listen and enjoy. Chuck Cheesman has a beautiful voice, and the poetic lyrics to several of his selections brought sentimental tears to my eyes.
Matthew Henry Hall was a little more "bluesy" tonight, and engaged the crowd with his humorous lyrics, syncopated rhythms and nonsense songs. Though some of the music was designed for children, adults enjoyed it as well.
I sat and listened to the music and watched the crowd. It is a comfortable place to be, on the outside, both figuratively and literally. It's good to watch people interact and play. A little boy near me was trying to "play the guitar" on a yardstick, he must have been about 2, and he was really into the music. It reminded me of the time when one of my children tried to "play the keyboard" on a large diaper box. Those images stay with me, for me to bring out time to time. Good memories.

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