Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Playing with Fire

When I began writing this blog, I thought it would be about my life as an artist, about lampworking, making beads from glass. Maybe a little bit about the creative process.
After reading through my posts, it suprised me to discover that I have hardly written about beadmaking at all. This has turned into a running commentary of my life, loves, musings, shortcomings, spirituality, politics, and other things in-between.
In consideration of these topics, I can honestly say this blog is aptly named. I guess I really am playing with fire. My opinions are my own, and many might disagree with me. My musings are introspective, my shortcomings are many, my spirituality is hybrid, and my politics lean left. I don't even know if anybody really reads this, but it's OK. The writing is therapeutic, and I feel that some of what I say matters. The more I write, the more authentic I feel. I realize that it's not necessary for everybody to agree on everything, but if a dialogue can begin, maybe I have made a little bit of a difference.
I will continue to play with fire, one way or another. Thanks for reading. Peace.

1 comment:

  1. well I have read, and I really like your blog. Glad I stumbled on it today!

    This very post echo's how I feel about my own blog. Entirely actually, you took the words out of my mouth :)