Thursday, June 10, 2010

This blog is aptly named

I know I said I would never do it again, but it seems that this summer I will really be "Playing with Fire in Phoenix." Yup, here for another summer. Not happy about it. Not sure if I can make it through. Don't even know where or if any glass will be melted, or any art made. Seems like things spun out of my control this year, and I have to learn to let go.
Sold the house (good), could not find another (bad), could not agree on a place to go (bad), ended up in an apartment (bad), but it does have a pool (good), except who even wants to go outside when its 110 (bad). Add up the goods and the bads and you can see where my mindset is. Big surprise.
Last year it was so exciting moving into an apartment in Flagstaff. The air was clean and fresh (when there were no wild fires), the mountains were cool and green, the glass was just waiting to become something beautiful. It seemed a summer of unlimited possibilities. Going outdoors was a given, who could possibly waste the beautiful weather and scenery? I could walk to Jamie's, the Campus Coffee Bean, and the grocery store-even at midday! I could bike to downtown, the library, the hiking trails. The surroundings inspired me, and each day was something to look forward to and live fully and completely.
Fast forward to the present. Anybody living in Phoenix will understand that if it's not done outside by 6AM, it's not going to get done until the next morning. But this is my challenge. Will I come out the other side of this summer intact? It's anybody's guess. I'll keep you all posted.

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