Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hiking Beyond the Equinox

The autumnal equinox has just slipped by. Fall is slowly approaching yet is not quite here. The aspen leaves are tinged at the tips with the yellow gold they are so famous for, and the ferns are losing their summer luster as if they, too know the mild days of the season are behind them. The whisper of the gentle wind is slightly breathless as if waiting for the deep slumber of winter.

The aspens follow me with their unblinking eyes, as if to say"Stay on the path, don't wander too far lest you lose your way. Gather what nourishes you, so that you may stay comfortable beneath winter's white blanket. Slow down, conserve your energy and be mindful of the changing seasons."

Yet, amid the ferns and wood, freshly blossomed wildflowers thrive. Their days are numbered, to be sure, but they reach toward the warming sun and drink it in, for they are living in the moment.

I, too am beyond the third moon, heading into the season of change. Will I hold onto the lush green of summer only to watch it turn brown in my hands, or will I stand back and allow the leaves to change into the gorgeous hues of autumn. Will I hold on to what was, or look forward to what may become? Will I discover the wildflowers among the fallen leaves? One thing is certain. I will not rest under winter's frozen blanket until all of the leaves have fallen and flowers picked, for I intend to arrange these lovelies into a colorful bouquet for those who would come after.

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