Sunday, July 19, 2009

All weekends

should be like this one. What a great time! My husband came up for the weekend which was filled with activities. Friday night was Celtic music night at Heritage Square in Flagstaff, and much to my surprise, one of my favorite groups, and the headliner for the weekend, the Wicked Tinkers, played a short set. If you have never had the opportunity to watch this great tribal Celtic musical group perform, you are definitely missing out on a great time. The energy in the crowd was palpable, from the kids to the seniors. Everybody was clapping and yelling and dancing and truly enjoying a beautiful evening in the square. Talk about warming up the crowd! Incredible!

Saturday was a great day on the Kachina Trail. The weather, though slightly toasty by Flagstaff standards, was still beautiful, and the trail meanders through the beautiful Ponderosa Pine Forest near Snowbowl. It is so peaceful, clean, green and refreshing up there. A good place to restore your soul. The hike is not so difficult that it leaves you breathless, but it is challenging enough to know you got a workout. After hiking with friends, we joined others for a BBQ in the enchanted land of Sedona. Beautiful day, delicious food, good friends and conversation. What else could anybody ask for?

The Wicked Tinkers! That's what! Sunday we all went to the Celtic Festival in Flagstaff to watch the Tinkers play and laugh and drink and whirl and do the same ourselves. Happy wonderful music, laughter, good Guiness and good company. The festival certainly did not disappoint. Afterwards, a swim and a BBQ once again to complete a great weekend.

It was sad to say goodbye to my husband and daughters before they headed down the mountain. However, it was also a good time to reflect on the simple joys of family, friendship, music and laughter. How absolutely full I felt as I fell into bed on Sunday, feeling as though I was the happiest soul on the planet. I wish this happiness for each and every one of you.


  1. Just looking at them in the picture - they look like loads of fun. I'm happy for you living in Flag - the town has such a great vibe and lots going on (not requiring an AC!)

  2. I would have enjoyed that Celtic Jam! Sounds like it was a good time. ... Mutt and I are off to Utah after our Humphreys Hike tomorrow.

    Stay Cool