Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The only thing constant

Is change. I was reminded of that today when I saw this tree, with names and initials and dates carved into it. It seems to me that people are always trying to capture a moment in eternity, yet at that very moment life is changing. I wonder how many of these couples who so desperately wanted the world to know about their love eternal are still together.
I can almost understand the need to immortalize something, be it a relationship, event or a person Sometimes a name is carved into a tree, often a name is tattooed on an arm, or an ad taken out in a newspaper. I can't say I haven't tried to do the same thing. I remember writing a boy's name over and over in my notebook when I was younger, trying to hold on to the image of our eternal love.
Yet, even as I was writing it, things were changing. And, even as these names are carved into the tree, the tree is trying to heal, bark is growing over the injury, and the names are shifting, both figuratively and actually.
I think it's all about the process. Change, growth, more change. Learning to live with the constant of change, expecting change, accepting change. Only then will you inhabit your comfort zone.
In the spirit of change, I took some photos of the mountain today as the storms set in. There are too many photos to post here, but you can see them on my Facebook page.

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  1. And so the Dance of the Nataraja continues.