Monday, July 27, 2009

Flagstaff is

a lot like Florida in the summer. How so, you say? It has rained almost every afternoon at 3PM, just like Orlando. It's sometimes a hard, teeming rain, othertimes it just seems to "spit". It is a great way to break up the day, as in what should I do before the rain, or after.
Today I decided to make beads after the rain. I was a little tired, we hiked yesterday and "kinda-sorta" missed a turn-off, and that turned our hike into a little longer than we had planned, so I have been tired and achy since then, which really isn't a good combination when working with fire. I will be interested to find out what will come out of the kiln in the morning.
I was experimenting with form and shape, inspired by Heather's new career as a "Doula". What is a Doula? She assists during labor and delivery to try to make it as drug free as possible. It is a special calling, and I am sure Heather will be one of the best!

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