Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who knew I was tribal?

I knew that a change in my environment would have a profound effect not only on my outlook, health and life, but my art as well? I am making beads that I never would have imagined before coming here. I am a Pisces, a water sign, beach babe (well, sorta), fish - you get the picture. Now I am making beads in shades of green, orange, even burnt sienna! What happened to all the blues and teals and aquas and waves? I don't know where they went, maybe those colors felt out of their element and have been replaced by the colors and the history of the mountains.

Before I came here, I almost always gravitated towards beads with a water theme. My sand and surf beads have been my trademark, and my work had a very organic feel to it. Lately, however, I am making beads with a tribal theme and feel, deep greens and browns and reds, lots of dots and stripes, still organic but with a more ancient feel.

I like this new style, it is very mesmerizing working this way. The dots must be placed carefully, and all of my concentration is focused on the bead at hand. This method is good for the soul, like yoga. Focusing my concentration on one thing lets much of the emotional stuff I tend to carry around with me dissipate and fall away, leaving a more authentic self appear. I hope I can maintain this peace.

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