Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meld(t)ing Business

I've always enjoyed plays on words, and the idea for this entry hit me after I spoke with my business partner. I have been concerned about my lampwork jewelry business, and have been trying to stir up new accounts and ways to sell my art. One of the reasons I got out of the heat this summer was to be able to create new work in the hopes that it might increase my business. Once summer is over and I return to Phoenix, my other job will be busy, and I don't know that I will have the time to play and be creative, so I am "stockpiling" new designs now.
The approach I take to my business is different from most, however. Milissa reminded me that most of my business comes from the non-profit sector. I sell on a website called This website is a clearing house for non-profits, and a buyer or contributor can go to that website and search for the non-profit of choice; or search for items to buy at auction, like jewelry, vacations, purses, etc. The profits go to the various charities running the auctions.
This conversation reminded me that though I love to make my beads, and really love to sell them, its all part of a bigger picture. I am trying to put myself out there, and let Karma do its work. I truly believe that what you give is returned to you. I am merely laying the groundwork for the rest of my life, and trusting that whatever positive energy I give will sometime be returned. Or, to put it another way, my whole life, love, work, business, is a "Pay It Forward" venture.
Even if the profit is not tangible, it is "banked". The interest compounding will benefit all.

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