Monday, July 6, 2009

I think it's time

to write. Sometimes I might have something profound to say, other times I will probably not write at all. But, for now, as I sit on my balcony and enjoy the beautiful weather that is Flagstaff, I will just express gratitude. To my husband, Bob, for helping to make this happen, to my employer, Healthwaves, as well, and to this beautiful place, Flagstaff, which has rescued me, and is allowing me to refresh and reconnect.

It is hard to create when you can't breathe. When the air is clean and fresh, the surroundings glorious, and the heart is open, wonderful things can happen.

So, here I am in Flagstaff, playing with fire for the time being. Phoenix will have me back soon enough. I am learning a new rhythm in my life; to slow down and appreciate all that is given. To not always have to do-sometimes just to be. And, to create. New beads, new jewelry, new ideas.

To sniff around a little, like my dog, Jewly, (aka LSD). To take my time and appreciate. And sometimes, to just take a little nap!

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