Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jamie's New Car

Another one has formally left the nest. Well, she left the nest five year ago, but just bought her first car today, so she is now "officially independent". That means no more "Mom, can you pick me up and take me down to Phoenix so I don't have to ride the bus?" Or, "Mom, I'd love to come home but don't have a ride". All of this is no longer pertinent, because Jamie has a new car!

It is nice being here in Flagstaff to oversee the "Purchase". Not that Jamie needed any help. She did it on her own, finding and paying for the car. I just listened as she called the insurance. It is a cute little thing, with four-wheel drive, which I am sure she will need this winter. It is a Tracker, kind of a junior-sized SUV, but very good on gas, she has assured me.

Congratulations Jamie!
Here's a thought on another topic.
What good is having a balcony when all of the neighbors around you smoke? Kind of ironic, don't you think?

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  1. Cool and interesting blog.

    Good luck on your blog and congrats on Jaime's first car purchase.