Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle

Are the lyrics to a Queen song. And also one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I do get carried away, like today. Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful Flagstaff day, and me on my bike, with the wind in my hair, not a care in the world! I can't think of a better recipe for disaster. Note to self, Pay Attention! The ride out of town was great, downhill, wind at my back, sunny. I just forgot that what goes down must come up-like hills- wind in your face, using the lowest possible gear and still going 2 mph, and then you walk the bike for a mile or two and hope the wind dies down and you find a downhill part of the route.

So, the best part of the ride was getting home in one piece, taking a long bath for the aching muscles, and the nap after. I guess I cancelled all the good I did with the bowl of chocolate ice cream I gave myself for my reward.

Having finished my 30 or more minutes of physical activity for the day, and being somewhat refreshed, I then decided that I would make jewelry and beads. And boy, did I! I played with fire for several hours, and then got creative with my bead box and made bracelets, cell phone charms, more bracelets and a couple of pendants. I'll post them on my website in a day or two.

I have more ideas than time, and sometimes the ideas in my head are not what happens with my hands. Every now and then, a happy accident occurs, and then I can say "I meant to do that!"

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